Industries / Applications

In support of the Los Angeles area’s Aerospace industry, we supply custom crates, cases and containers for a range of different products: large airplane skins, aerospace structures, commercial aircraft interiors, wing and tail assembly parts, pylons and rudders, spars, tooling, engines, long support beams, and sensitive space technologies (solar panels, satellite batteries, electronic equipment, and other flight hardware). Because of the intricacies of aerospace manufacturers’ parts, we build per customer supplier’s drawings and per the customer’s packaging specifications. We are familiar with the packaging requirements for Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Triumph, Raytheon, Vought Aircraft, Lockheed, and a host of other prominent aerospace manufacturers.

In regards to Los Angeles' entertainment industry, we provide custom and production crates for model shops, theme parks and studio sets, lighting, and camera and grip studios. In some instances, we partner on the custom crate design for specific studio needs. Along with building the crates, we provide onsite packaging services. We also offer hard protective cases for sensitive electronic equipment as well as musician cases.

For Military packaging we provide custom shipping crates for Southern California's Navy, Marines, Army and Air Force bases. We also specialize in containers for ordinances, airplane and military vehicle parts, and weapon containers. We are familiar with the requirements for military packaging, including ASTM, MIL-STD 2073, Military and Federal specifications.

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